OE Replacement Oil Pans

Our oil pans are engineered to be an exact replacement for the OE pan, offering the same capacity, dimensions, and attachment points. Every oil pan is leak tested, corrosion resistant, and includes the oil level sensor cover when the replacement of the sensor is required. All anchor points are reinforced with metal washers, and mechanical joints are added to ensure a precise attachment to the engine block. And, unlike other brands, our oil pans include a replacement cap, when applicable, to meet or exceed OE standards for fit, form, and function, and ensure that pan replacement is simple and complete. 

Oil Pans


  • Oil pan capacity, dimensions, and weight matches the OE pan to ensure optimal performance.
  • The OE material type is matched for durability, and steel pans are painted to inhibit corrosion.
  • All pans utilize existing OE attachment points, making the pan easy to remove and attach.
  • Complete assembly Includes replacement pan, oil level sensor cover, and drain plugs making replacement simple and complete.
  • Anchor points are reinforced with metal washers to prevent overtightening and damage to plastic pans.
  • Caps are included, when applicable, ensuring everything is included for easy installation and proper operation.
  • All pans are leak tested to ensure the highest quality, and a long service life.

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For 30+ years, BBB has been a pioneer in sustainable manufacturing. An industry that’s part of the circular economy by virtue of what it does -- extend and improve the useful life of critical auto parts.


This expertise has helped us create a precision-tuned process based on superior innovation, leading research, and never-ending process improvements.


We call it Sustainable Manufacturing.

Our sustainable manufacturing process transforms an original part that has lived through its first useful life into a sustainably manufactured part that has a second or third life. Sustainably manufactured products have high-quality standards and are as good or better than new parts. This approach meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. It’s about conserving natural resources, minimizing negative environmental impact, and doing good for our employees, our communities and each other.


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