History and Values

History and Values

Sustainable manufacturing:

Our Roots, Our Future

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For 30+ years, BBB has been a pioneer in sustainable manufacturing. An industry that’s part of the circular economy by virtue of what it does -- extend and improve the useful life of critical auto parts. 


Founded in 1987 in Daphne, AL by the Bigler family, BBB quickly became known for quality remanufactured parts throughout the auto industry. 


As the industry evolved, so too did BBB. In 2014, we embraced the EV market with electric power steering remanufacturing. Over the next several years, BBB experienced 112% growth for this product line.


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BBB saw the potential and in 2019 set out to tackle one of the largest challenges in the electric vehicle market -- upcycling and increasing the lifespan of EV batteries. BBB engineers cracked the code, successfully extending EV battery life.


Recognizing that demand for solar panels would exceed availability and 100,000 tons of waste would potentially go into landfills by 2035, the team searched for an innovative way to upcycle solar panels. These successes became the foundation for BBB’s newest division, TerrePower.


BBB’s roots in family and community continue today with second generation employees. Backed by Clearlake Capital, BBB recently expanded into Europe with locations in Spain and Italy. The company does business in 64 countries, has 5 divisions and multiple sustainable manufacturing facilities in the US, Mexico and Spain.




We quickly and creatively solve problems


We work collaboratively to achieve our goals


The customer is at the center of everything we do

Circular Economy

We focus on reusing materials to, lower costs, reduce waste and protect our environment


We perform every task with the relative freedom from danger, risk, or threat of harm, injury, or loss to personnel and/or property, whether caused deliberately or by accident



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