Electric Power Steering (EPS)

Electric Power Steering (EPS)

EPS uses an electric motor to provide steering assist, replacing conventional hydraulic power steering components such as the pump, hoses, fluid, belts, and pulleys with one integrated unit.


Our Quality Focus

  • Full disassembly and inspection
  • Electrically and electronically tested for input and output parameters
  • New rack belt (where applicable)
  • New boots and seals


EPS Allows for:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Reduced Vehicle Weight
  • Reduced Steering Effort
  • Easier Installation




Unbroken, complete cores in the original box will receive 100% credit. Broken cores or cores with parts missing will receive 50% core credit only. Dissembled, non-rebuildable, modified or replacement cores will receive zero credit.


The customer is responsible for the condition of the core when returning it to the store. Therefore the store must identify if the core is acceptable before issuing credit. BBB Industries cannot assume responsibility for credits issued for non-rebuildable cores. All cores must be returned in the original packaging to receive credit. Only exchanged cores are accepted for core credit. Core credits are allowed for units in the current Caliper Components program. Cores outside the program will not be accepted for credit. No core credit issued for cores with excessive corrosion, broken, scored bent or worn castings. Partial core credit issued for cores with broken bleeder screws, stripped threads and missing brackets and yokes.

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Demand Reliability

BBB Industries products are designed for customers who demand reliability and performance. Every BBB product is tested to meet or exceed OE standards.

Demand Performance

Faulty units can add costs, risk, time, and customer dissatisfaction to the repair job. Why chance it? Every BBB product is tested prior to departing the factory.

Demand OE Fit and Function

We do not substitute adapted, converted or "will fit" components, which means that the BBB unit fits, it works and it's an exact replacement for the original unit.

Demand Service

Our world-class customer service provides customers and installers with the tools to complete the job quickly, efficiently, and correctly. We offer services such as toll-free technical phone support, specialized catalogs, unit images, technical bulletins, installation and troubleshooting tips, and more. If you have questions, we have the answers!


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