Hydraulic Steering

Steering Gears

Steering gears, also known as recirculating ball gears or gear boxes, are used in the steering systems for rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. As a sustainable manufacturer, BBB remanufactures for all makes and models with precision, using an OE-engineered process that is similar to how new gears are made.


  • Gear housings are inspected and bead-blasted to eliminate rust and corrosion
  • Sector shafts are Magnafluxed to ensure structural integrity
  • Sealing surfaces are inspected, reconditioned and polished
  • All serviceable seals and O-rings are replaced with new, OE-equivalent parts
  • Recirculating balls are 100% replaced with matched sets sized to ensure correct feel and performance
  • Assembled units are 100% functionally tested for leaks and performance


Because of our OE approach to remanufacturing, technicians and their customers can expect replacement steering gears that help to restore the responsive steering that cars, light trucks and SUVs had when they were new.

Steering Gear

Steering Pumps

Power steering systems depend on the hydraulic fluid circulated by the pump. When it’s time to replace this vital part, technicians and their customers want performance and value that lasts. That’s why we use a sustainable manufacturing process with an OE-quality focus.


  • Components are inspected and cleaned of rust and corrosion.
  • Shaft and internal surfaces are inspected, reconditioned and polished.
  • Seals and O-rings are replaced with new, OE-equivalent parts.
  • Assembled units are 100% functionally tested for leaks and performance.


As a sustainable manufacturer, our OE-experience and standards apply to our remanufactured power steering pumps that offer like-new quality and dependability in a broad range of applications for all makes and models.

Steering Pumps

Rack and Pinion

Our goal is to provide service technicians with sustainably manufactured rack and pinion steering units they can trust. This enables them to offer their customers dependable steering performance and great value. During our OE-engineered remanufacturing process, rack and pinion units receive close attention.


When our engineers apply their OE-experience and high standards to steering, the result is sustainably manufactured rack and pinion products of exceptional quality for all makes and models.


  • Components are inspected and tested for straightness and structural integrity.
  • Housings are bead-blasted to eliminate rust and/or corrosion.
  • Sealing surfaces are polished, restored and checked for smoothness.
  • Seals and boots are replaced with new OE-equivalent parts.
  • Assembled units are 100% functionally tested for leaks and steering performance.



Rack and Pinion


Unbroken, complete cores in the original box will receive 100% credit. Broken cores or cores with parts missing will receive 50% core credit only. Dissembled, non-rebuildable, modified or replacement cores will receive zero credit.


The customer is responsible for the condition of the core when returning it to the store. Therefore the store must identify if the core is acceptable before issuing credit. BBB Industries cannot assume responsibility for credits issued for non-rebuildable cores. All cores must be returned in the original packaging to receive credit. Only exchanged cores are accepted for core credit. Core credits are allowed for units in the current Caliper Components program. Cores outside the program will not be accepted for credit. No core credit issued for cores with excessive corrosion, broken, scored bent or worn castings. Partial core credit issued for cores with broken bleeder screws, stripped threads and missing brackets and yokes.

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For 30+ years, BBB has been a pioneer in sustainable manufacturing. An industry that’s part of the circular economy by virtue of what it does -- extend and improve the useful life of critical auto parts.


This expertise has helped us create a precision-tuned process based on superior innovation, leading research, and never-ending process improvements.


We call it Sustainable Manufacturing.

Our sustainable manufacturing process transforms an original part that has lived through its first useful life into a sustainably manufactured part that has a second or third life. Sustainably manufactured products have high-quality standards and are as good or better than new parts. This approach meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. It’s about conserving natural resources, minimizing negative environmental impact, and doing good for our employees, our communities and each other.


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