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Manufactured under the strictest quality standards in an ISO 9001:2015 - registered factory, NuGeon brand semi-loaded brake calipers are built from O.E. castings to ensure the same fit and function as a new O.E. unit. And, with over 5000 SKU’s, BBB Industries offers one of the largest selections of remanufactured, semi-loaded brake calipers in the industry, representing over 98.5% coverage.


What is TechShield 360™?

TechShield 360™ is a proprietary electrodeposition coating applied to brake calipers via an automated submersion process. TechShield 360™…


  • Is microns thin and bonds with both aluminum and cast iron
  • Resists natural and synthetic brake fluids
  • Coats calipers and brackets edge-to-edge, inside and out leaving all surface areas with a protective coating
  • Is applied evenly and to a similar thickness
  • Offers benchmark corrosion protection and product/process consistency

Advantages of NuGeon with TechShield 360™ E-coated Calipers

  • The electrodeposition coating is applied via submersion, and not a spray, offering more consistent and uniform coverage of both the housing and the bracket
  • The ability to E-coat aluminum calipers offers a distinct advantage over all other brands
  • E-coating inside the bracket bores helps prevent stuck brackets and reduce come-backs
  • It passes a 96-hour continuous salt spray validation test
  • All mechanical parking brake components are E-coated, including the mounting brackets
  • The coating is environmentally friendly, heavy metal-free, and OSHA and EPA compliant

Nugeon Advantage


Built Better

Every NuGeon with TechShield 360TM brake caliper is remanufactured under the highest quality standards to meet or exceed the specifications required by the original design, and tested during the assembly process for leaks, free moving pistons, and smooth bracket sliding.


Easier to Install

NuGeon with TechShield 360TM brake calipers offer everything needed for installation in one box including banjo bolts, cable mounting brackets, levers, springs and scrape sensors, and pre-lubed components with high-temperature synthetic grease (where applicable).

Features and Benefits:

  • Coated to prevent corrosion and extend the life of the caliper
  • Every caliper is pressure tested to ensure brakes perform at optimum level
  • New bleeder screws provide trouble-free bleeding and an air-tight seal
  • Pre-lubricated guide bolts on mounting brackets save installation time and prevent seizing
  • 100% S.A.E. specific rubber seals ensure like-new performance
  • OE specifications matched on phenolic pistons to ensure proper heat dissipation
  • Brackets slide-tested for optimal performance
  • Banjo bolts, copper crush washers and parking brake cable brackets, levers and return springs all preinstalled for easy installation
  • OEM color matching program available on over 450 part numbers

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