BBB Industries Shines at the 2023 Detroit Auto Show: A Glimpse into Sustainable Manufacturing and EV Innovation


The 2023 Detroit Auto Show, also known as the North American International Auto Show, once again took the stage at Huntington Place, setting the scene for the automotive industry’s latest innovations and trends.


BBB Industries, and its TERREPOWER division representatives, John Boyer and Maria Caballero presented a Fireside Chat on sustainably manufactured battery solutions. The chat showcased lithium-ion battery technology for longer-lasting batteries that are cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions for automotive manufacturers and consumers.


John Boyer, president of BBB’sTERREPOWER division, is a 30+ year automotive industry veteran. He led BBB’s expansion into Europe and the development of EV battery remanufacturing.


Maria Caballero, president of e-Mobility (BBB Industries) is a 25-year veteran of the automotive industry. Prior to joining BBB, Maria led the Visteon Electronics OE service group. Maria also worked for Ford’s automotive component division where she held various roles in Manufacturing, Business Planning and Program Management.


Jordan Arocha, PMP, Director of Commercial Operations, Munro & Associates, Inc. served as moderator.


Sustainable Manufacturing: Lowering Costs and Reducing Emissions

All three-panel members provided good insight on “Sustainable Manufacturing of Components Driving our Clean Energy and Mobility Future.”


John Boyer began by talking about the investments BBB Industries and its TERREPOWER division are making in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. He emphasized the early investments in the EV industry.


“We made some early investments in EV. We knew there weren’t a lot of EV vehicles on the road several years ago, but we wanted to be a leader in the space, so we decided to make those investments early,” said Boyer.


Boyer also highlighted the role of sustainable manufacturing in making EVs more affordable for consumers and extending the lifespan of vehicles.


“That’s where a sustainably manufactured battery can come into play at a price point that’s much lower for the customer so that vehicle can stay on the road,” said Boyer.


Maria stressed the importance of sustainability, that the word isn’t just a buzzword but an approach embedded in the manufacturing process. She underlined the importance of reducing carbon emissions. It’s a complete cycle of the circular economy that avoids the wasteful disposal of materials and components. It means a more sustainable future.


“Sustainable manufacturing is a complete view that we take into everything we do including the manufacturing process to reduce carbon emissions to make the environment a better place. It’s our business model,” said Maria. “We’re not going to continue to build electric cars and parts that end up in landfills. Remanufacturing is a total cycle to get to that objective that we all want to get to which is to reduce emissions and be environmentally friendly.”


There were good topics and panel conversations. All of them were well received and attended.


The Showroom Floor: A Glimpse of the Future

The Detroit Auto Show’s showroom floor was abuzz with new technologies and trends, offering attendees an immersive experience in the world of EVs. From indoor EV displays to educational exhibits, the event showcased the evolving landscape of electric vehicles. Test rides were a highlight with BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Tesla and Volkswagen providing attendees with a chance to experience EV acceleration firsthand.


Conclusion: A Shift towards Sustainability and EVs

The Detroit Auto Show is one of the most influential annual automotive events in the world and a showcase for emerging technologies. This year it showcased the automotive industry’s transformation, driven by the shift towards electric vehicles and sustainable manufacturing. The insights shared by BBB Industries and TERREPOWER exemplify the commitment of industry leaders to creating a more sustainable future. As Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan stated, the very nature of transportation is undergoing a profound change, and events like the Detroit Auto Show are the forefront of the automotive evolution.


Next Up: Automotive Aftermarket Expo (AAPEX

BBB Industries will be exhibiting at the AAPEX 2023 show from October 31 to November 2, 2023. The event will be held in Las Vegas, NV at the Venetian Expo. Stop by our booth #1425 to learn more about us.