What to know about 2024 EV Incentives


As the world shifts towards a more sustainable future, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is accelerating. Governments worldwide are implementing various incentives such as tax reductions, cashback offers, and exclusive parking privileges to make EVs more accessible. This, coupled with stringent CO2 emission regulations, is compelling vehicle manufacturers to innovate towards eco-friendlier and more efficient vehicles. At BBB Industries, and its TERREPOWER division, we are observing these trends closely and are committed to providing affordable lithium-ion battery options to meet the increasing demand.


2024: A Pivotal Year for EV Incentives
The year 2024 marks a significant shift in the EV landscape, with substantial changes to EV tax credits affecting the industry.


  1. Dealer Discounts: Dealers will now be able to reduce the purchase price of EVs by up to $7,500, effectively lowering monthly payments and broadening the appeal of EVs for buyers (The Hill, 2024). Read more here.

  2. IRS Updates: The IRS has recently updated its list of electric vehicles qualifying for federal tax credits as part of the Inflation Reduction Act's provisions (Morningstar, 2024). Read more here.

  3. Restriction on Eligibility: Fewer vehicles will be eligible for the full $7,500 EV tax credit due to stricter rules, indicating a move towards more targeted support for electric mobility (Kiplinger, 2024). Read more here.

  4. Introduction of Instant Rebate: The instant rebate system for the EV tax credit is a new feature for 2024, making the financial benefits more immediate and palpable for buyers at the point of sale (Kiplinger, 2024). Read more here.

  5. Income Limits for Buyers: New income limits have been introduced for prospective EV buyers to target the incentives more effectively (InsideEVs, 2024). Read more here.



These changes reflect a dynamic policy environment aimed at making electric vehicles more financially viable for a larger segment of the population.


In a rapidly evolving market, staying informed about the latest incentives and regulations is key to making informed decisions. TERREPOWER offers innovative sustainable solutions to support the growing needs of the renewable energy (EV, solar and battery energy storage) market helping to reduce carbon emissions and providing a circular economy.