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EPAS Theory 101

Reprogramming Theory

Battery State of Charge (SOC)

CAN BUS Theory

Sample Diagnosis

Programmable Module Installation (PMI)

EPAS Tools

Troubleshooting a Starter

What to Test if You Have an Alleged Warranty Alternator

Troubleshooting an Alternator

What to Test if You Have an Alleged Warranty Starter

HD Alternators and Starters

Troubleshooting an Alternator HD

Troubleshooting a Starter HD


Pitman Arm Replacement

Pulley Installation

Vacuum Bleed

Flush & Why Use Proper Fluid

Basic Brake Caliper Installation

Replacing Rear Calipers w/ Electronic Parking Brake Motors

Why Change Brake Fluid?

Diagnosing Brake Caliper Issues

Bleeding Brake Calipers

OE-TurboPower Common Failures

OE-TurboPower - VGT

OE-TurboPower - Finding a Replacement

OE-TurboPower - Proper Balance 4K

OE-TurboPower - Exhaust Smoke