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OE-TurboPower™ Remanufactured and New Turbochargers

OE Quality precisely calibrated remanufactured and new high performance turbochargers designed to meet the durability, reliability, and technology demands of complex engines.

Coverage for all applications.

Consistent quality turbochargers that meet or exceed original specification.

    • Problematic areas are identified and corrected


    • Long-lasting durability of all OE-TurboPower™ units


    • Turbochargers are free from potentially catastrophic safety concerns


    • Reliability throughout the service life of the turbocharger


    • Quick and efficient design improvements


    • Bolts are tightened at the correct torque to prevent the heat shield from scraping the turbine wheel and creating noisy operation.


    • Oil leaks which lead to oil residue build up inside the turbocharger are prevented


  • Eased installation, decreased overall installation time, and reduced reworking
Features Enabling Benefits
    • Every unit is completely disassembled, and all components are inspected for Quality Assurance


    • Balancing is performed at both the Component level and at the Core Assembly level


    • Compressor and turbine wheels are rigorously tested


    • All wearable components are replaced with 100% new OE quality equivalents


    • Internal use of modelling software and simulation packages allows for a diverse range of analyses


    • Bolt Driver Technology


    • Bearing Housing Piston Ring Bore is gaged to ensure the bore dimension is within specification


  • Instructions and kit with all necessary hardware and gaskets included for all class 1-3 applications

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