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Troubleshooting a Starter (Feb 2018)

There are several test we can make when troubleshooting a starter. Tests like voltage drops, we can load test a starter, and we’ll show you how to shim a starter properly…

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Troubleshooting an Alternator (Feb 2018)

Check your battery first, do your belt inspection, check your voltage drop & then perform an output test and you can troubleshoot any alternator….

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What to Test if You Have an Alleged Warranty Starter (Feb 2018)

Learn what to test if you have an alleged warranty starter including battery state of charge, connections, noises and fluid contamination…

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What to Test if You Have an Alleged Warranty Alternator (Feb 2018)

Learn what to test if you have an alleged warranty alternator including battery state of charge, wiring/connections, noises/accessory belt drive system and fluid contamination…

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HD Alternators and Starters (Feb 2018)

Today’s HD Alternators and Starters come with some really cool features such as OCP (Over-Crank Protection) and IMS (Integral or Integrated Magnetic Switch)…

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Troubleshooting an Alternator HD (Feb 2018)

Troubleshoot any heavy-duty alternator by using visual inspections along with several tests…

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Troubleshooting a Starter HD (Feb 2018)

Learn this heavy-duty starter troubleshooting techniques to keep your big rig on the road…

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Pulley Installation (Feb 2018)

Learn why it’s important to properly install a pulley with the proper tools…

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Vacuum Bleed (Feb 2018)

One of the most common causes of noise and whines in a power steering pump is simply just air in the system. That’s why vacuum bleeding a power steering system is important…

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Flush & Why Use Proper Fluid (Feb 2018)

A common cause of failure in the power steering system is incorrect fluid. Learn why it’s important to flush the system and always use proper fluid…

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Pitman Arm Replacement (Feb 2018)

Pitman Arm Replacement is pretty cut and dry, but we have some tips to offer you…

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Basic Brake Caliper Installation (Feb 2018)

Basic caliper installation is pretty simple: two bolts and a hose. But if you’re performing a professional brake caliper installation, there’s a few things to consider…

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Why Change Brake Fluid? (Feb 2018)

In this video, you’ll learn why you should change your brake fluid and more importantly, the test you can make to determine the condition of your brake fluid…

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Replacing Rear Calipers w/ Electronic Parking Brake Motors (Feb 2018)

A lot of new cars today have an electronic parking brake. What’s most crucial is understanding if you have an electronic brake and knowing how to service them…

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Bleeding Brake Calipers (Feb 2018)

If you ever open up a brake system, you’re going to have to bleed it. We’ll show you a few different methods to bleed brake calipers…

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Diagnosing Brake Caliper Issues (Feb 2018)

First thing you want to do is a good visual inspection, but you may not be able to isolate the issue. Learn how to diagnose brake caliper issues using several different methods…

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